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Knowledge sharing

Our consortium of experts are always open to share their valuable knowledge, real-world experience and provide training resources to build the next gen of professionals.

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We challenge our team with a series of mega projects so they can unlock their potential, extend personal limits and develop at a rapid pace.

High Fives


Internally promoting talented and resposible individuals who show accountablility, good teamwork

and resourcefullness is always

at the top of our agenda.

our teams

Tall Buildings


Modern Building


Let's hear
from our team

"EAIC gives me the smartest, funniest and most collaborative colleagues. I am always amazed by how outside-of-the-box they think, which makes my every day at work an inspiring and rewarding experience"

Senior Analyst

Tuan A. Tran

"Each project of EAIC have a global network of partners and advisors who are leading experts in their industries. It is my fortune to work with them and sharpen my skills to reach international level."

Project Coordinator

Cam H. Nguyen

"Employees are greatly appreciated at EAIC. It's my pleasure to bring these supermen/women a comfortable workplace so they can focus on their mission to make positive changes

for the community."

Office Manager

Linh Do

"I've had plenty of opportunities to grow professionally since I joined EAIC. I'm really greatful that a fresh graduate like

me can have a part in large-scale

projects and directly learn from the best."

Management Associate

Anh T. Dang

"The flat hierachy at EAIC creates an open work environment for employees at all levels. We are encouraged to raise our voice, ask questions and be bold to accept new challenges."

Marketing Executive

Tra M. Pham

"The range of EAIC's project types is enormous and their impacts hit at national scale. For me, knowing that my daily job will help to improve people's life and the country's prospersity would be the biggest motivation."

Senior Analyst

Vu Nguyen

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