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About Us

​Our Company

EAIC is a private boutique consulting group established in Vietnam and the US. With our largest presence in Hanoi, the fast beating heart of a thousand-year-old country that is rapidly developing to become a top global market, we are excited to be part of Vietnam's phenomenal transformation into the next tiger of Asia.


Our biggest goal is to support trailblazers in both public and private sector in Vietnam to promote their nationally-important, game-changing projects. We empower organizations with immediate deployment of in-country resources, providing on-the-ground assistance and end-to-end professional corporate consulting services. We work side-by-side with our clients from the planning stage, business set-up to implementation. With a unique international consultants network and intimate connection with local decision makers, we are confident to deliver on competitive, transparent and sustainable impacts for our clients.

​Our Vision

Become a trusted on-the-ground partner for organizations who seeks for immediate business deployment in Vietnam as well as opportunities to enter the dynamic ASEAN market

Become a premier facilitator activating high-profile and long-term impact projects that align with Vietnam's local interest.

​Our Mission


Provide professional consulting services that adhere to international standards and best practices



Ensure our clients capitalize on first mover advantages by offering immediate on the ground deployment



Connect domestic stakeholders with global key players to fully utilize resources in terms of finance, technology and manpower




Our team have substantial track records in consulting large-scale projects around the world. Competitiveness, focused on price, time and certainty is the key guiding principle that we always follow.

Sky Building


Transparency builds trust and trust nurtures fruitful partnership. We are an open book in real-time throughout the project lifecycle, from co-creation, co-execution to co-evaluation.



At EAIC, we aim to make positive changes, not just impacts. Adhering to international best practices from an environmental and socio-economic sustainability lense ensures our projects are built to last.

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